1. New FREE blues EP, “Black & White,” is in the works!!!

    [includes covers from The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Son House, traditional blues tunes and new original Paper Bags blues tunes!!!]

    stay tuned!!!!

  2. "too much to learn (without learning what we came here to find out)"
         by geoffrey hornby

    there’s a bitter taste left in my mouth from cigarettes, whiskey,
         and the arguments we get ourselves into
    this bottle ain’t quite empty, but i’m sure to drink it all
         because i ain’t got nothin’ better to do

    after the lies that you told
    and the heart that you stole
    i can say now that i don’t know where to turn
    our bridge it has been burned
    but my body it returns to a mind
         that still has way too much to learn

    a lot of people talk,
    a lot of people talk about things that aren’t necessarily true
    i think i’ve had enough and i think you feel the same
    so let it out, tell the truth, why don’t you?

    after the lies that you told
    and the heart that you stole
    i can say now that i don’t know where to turn
    our bridge it has been burned
    but my body it returns to a mind
         that still has way too much to learn

    but i don’t wanna count us out - no i don’t wanna have these doubts
    i’m hopin’ we can make it through
    but there’s too much to learn when it comes to you

    there’s a bitter taste left in my mouth and insults hand around
         but the words themselves just will not come out
    And so another argument - another happy ending
    Without learning what we came here to find out
    Without learning what we came here to find out

    Without learning what we came here to find out



  3. Man, I haven’t been on here since March!  Well…

    There’s a brand new EP, entitled “Sister,” out now and available for free along with all of my other releases at http://paperbags.bandcamp.com/

    There’s hopefully more new tunes on the way, but I’ll be honest with ya - it gets a little lonely playing solo so much.  Good thing my brother, Greg, was in town to perform last night with me! He is, without a doubt in my mind, the best guitarist I have ever personally known and it is always an honor to work with him. Highlights of the performance include an acoustic rendition of “Ventilator Blues” by The Rolling Stones and the title track from the new EP.

    On the horizon, I may be recording with Big A.C. - Adam Clark, formerly of the Back Home In Michigan Band - so I see some fiddle in our future!

  4. done a ton of shows lately, including the Blind Pig.  however my recent favorite was playing at my friend’s birthday party. fuckin’ house show!!!! it was a blast.

    anyway, the full length album is still available for free at paperbags.bandcamp.com

    on to other matters…..serious ones…..
    i don’t think Paper Bags has much life left in it.  i feel lost and confused.


  5. Take Paper Bags and The Back Home In Michigan Band, get ‘em drunk and throw ‘em onstage.  That’s essentially what happened.  Highlights of the show for me were playing electric guitar over “Great Lake State” with them, Joe played mandolin over “Honky Tonk Women” and Adam played his fiddle on “Born & Raised” during my set.  Feels good to be back.

  6. the thing you gotta remember is that when you drop off the scene, it’s still happening.  i’ve been in a hole recently, took a little month off from performing but i can never stay away too long. 

    i’ll be playing The Rockery in Wyandotte, MI this Friday night if y’all wanna come hang out.  i do believe it’ll be an electric set…

  7. i completely bombed a gig. it was pathetic and hilarious and it was all recorded live. i just gave up because i couldn’t get through an entire song without hitting wrong chords or my hand cramping and i didn’t even want to be performing - i felt nothing. it all became so pointless and it wasn’t fair to anyone.

    then i didn’t sleep or eat for three days and i experienced my existence within time in such a way that i was able to understand new things. i know things i wasn’t able to know before.

    last night i played another show and say with full confidence that i fucking killed it. not a single person cared at all. no applause. no appreciation. it doesn’t matter because sometimes i need to do it just for myself. i love performing, i love sharing this with people and without that it can never be as significant as it can potentially be if i don’t share it. and i want to do it for you. but if i can’t do it for me, i can’t do it for anyone else. 

  8. Highwater hit Toledo last night. hauled ass down there because we were apparently late. whatever. wasn’t really my scene but we played a solid set on a staged graced by the likes of the goo goo dolls, smashing pumpkins, gin blossoms and kid rock. ha.

    breakfast at midnight, coffee and cigarettes. introduced myself to my new neighbors.

  9. All the guitars got broken strings.
    All the musicians killed it.
    I dressed up as a slutty nurse.
    Alayna turned 16.

    I had fun and so did everyone else.
    Took some acid, didn’t trip - bummer, man.
    I’m working on a new album.
    It comes out on November 13th. 

  10. http://paperbags.bandcamp.com/album/live-la-perle-hookah-lounge

  11. played my first show as the bassist Highwater last night at the Rack ‘N’ Roll Nightclub last night. i think i’m really going to enjoy playing with them. i had a lot of fun and feel like we did a great job.

    i opened the show as Paper Bags - another electric set - and put as much energy as i had within my heart into the performance.

    The Heritage Days played second. first time i got to see them play. great stuff. fucking love you Matt Stonebraker.

    Spent the final hours of the night with an old friend catching up and writing music, and we returned to the island where we met. The Rock. Grosse Ile. we got in a few rounds of billiards on my parents’ table and it felt good. it just felt good.

  12. You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?
    – Nietzsche (via fakepaperbags)